Part 1

Contextual Pratice

03/10 Reflection of Graphic communication

It is easier to think this  subject by two separate words,"Graphic" and "Communication ". Fisrt of allwe thought about how to communicate with stranger who may from a completely different cultural background. What question should I ask to get informations I need and what kind of language should I use. During that processwe had some very deep text conversation about "Fear" and some very poetic sentence appeared. For example, "what we fear is not fear it self, but the things we don not know." For me, whose English is second language, some sentence sound like singing songs so I chose these poetic words and quotes to make my design of letters within a space.

As we have no limit of material so I generated several designs of words. My first idea is to use the quote "Distraction is only temporary" and write it on the window when there is steam however it is hard to put it into pratice beacuse it is hardly visible. Therefore, I changed my mind to use another phrase "out of control" and  I decided to make a video about the process, I like the idea of combining art work and actual space, the end of lesson exhibited other students' works extended my thoughts of the form and materials we possible could use, one student use the pipe and added speaking bubbles so it look like a smiling face. I think this idea is very interesting and I would like to use this idea into my  own work.

27/ 9 Reflection of "lost letters"

I really enjoy today's workshop, first of all, I really like some of the artists in the presentation especially the video of  hide and see I just wondering how they made that animation so I would like to explore this artist more in the future. I found it was very interesting when I saw other students' works. It shows a board variation between different people. Even though they have same letter, the finally outcome can be so different. 

The title "Lost Letter" fully described today' mean idea, which is to hide the letter into the illustrations. At the beginning, we did some idea generation in the Sketch book there are some good ideas that I want to take it further during my free time and this is one of my best interested workshop.

Furthermore, we also tried to use stop motion to make animation. I found it was very challenging, because it was hard to arrange the timing. As a good story need to control the rhythm and bring the audience into the story.

Reflection of the fine art painting pathway

Today's workshop began with a presentation of erasering things. Gives me another idea of doing painting,rather than adding things to the picture we can also cutting things off which can give the audience more space to imagine and put their different interpretation. 

We brought ten pictures to do some collage. However,the last twenty minutes of this lesson was a ture learning lesson. I saw different people using different techiniques to create their own art works,some looks very far away form the original picture. And I reall enjoy to the varity, however I think in my own home,I limited myself to just use paint to cover. After I saw others works , I realised that sometimes add and cut can be the same thing,I should try to break the boundary. 

Reflection of JFFA pathway

Today we did a briefing in JFFA, tested our ability in making 3D things and how to use limited materials. That makes me think the use of jewllery, how it interacts with bodies and how it expresses communication. Today, I thought a about the meaning of fashion accessories, in one way they show the social status and power. Furthermore, they can be a special language to express unspoken feelings or show some unique tastes.

Firstly, we used three words “surrounding, support and suspend” to generate some quick ideas and choose one to take it into 3D. As we only have limited materials, so I chose the pillow idea because bubble wrap would be a suitable material to use.

At the end, I find that really enjoying designing and exploring ideas but I feel I’m not very good at making things liking sewing, cutting or constructing. 

reflection of fashion illustration

In this lesson I learnt how to use different techniques and under limited time to find inspiration and play around the body simply use paper structure. I find it is useful and inspirational, and I really enjoy this process. Furthermore, the presenrtation shows me the verity  of styles of fashion illustration. By that, some works can be linked to fine art area. And this similarity bewteen fine art and fashion illustration really interested me, and made me want to know about the further career opportunity within that area. 

Reflection of do, redo and undo

In today’s lesson I learnt how to work in a team, for example, we didn’t have the chance to choose different materials or use different models that means we need to allocate appropriate materials to the right model. That’s why I choose the thinnest girl in our group to be the model of Black Maria. That also makes me think about what is styling and how to make simple change to alter the look.

For example, the photo named as Black Maria on Staircase, I took the model to a white environment and then asked another member in our group to spread white papers to make a composition. Finally, I photoshoped into a totally white background to make contrast between black and white. That makes me realise that I enjoy choosing different places or environment to shoot the model, designing the complete composition of a look, including accessories, lighting, poses even hairstyle and makeups. 

reflection of "Build it"

Today we did one day architecture workshop. Firstly, we started with using bamboo sticks to build basic structures and then use longer stickers to extend the project. After we finish one structure we did serval sketches to develop the structure into architect. In my understanding, a architect need to consider the function of the build, its location and scale. Compare to sculpture, it is more related to people's daily life.

reflection of "Use It"

In today's workshop, we praticed designing with constructions. However, I found that I don't fee really comfortable with construction on given items and materials. That's because I don't know the materials much so I can't think about ways to use it, but I don't mind to set up limitations on time because that force me to brain storm and sometimes it helps me to come up some good, simple ideas.

Although I think PDC is very interesting but I don't really enjoy making and playing with materials because  I perfer to  design  the aesthetic look of a products.

However, the final outcome for watermelon, is not so successful as we imagined it to be. One reason for that is because  we don't have enough time to make enough short paper straws to support the weight of watermelon so it crushed.

Reflection of "Personality Quiz"

From the research of the Chihuly 's works in Kew, I understand the good sculpture should interact with the nature and somehow with people. I was attracted by the work called white lotus, the white glass looks contract with water below which looks black. That means the sculpture became a part of the  environment and the sculpture is also a part of the environment. 

However, come to my work, I feel like I don't have the confidence to use material because I don't know how to use them and dig out its potential beauty.

The work I did during that one day workshop was built by cardboard, wooden bricks and strings. The idea was based on irregular,scattered and a photo of a brid. So I initial desgin was building a unbalanced wooden house for brids. I tried to use the tapes on the cardboard to show a sign of "Home". The final outcome basically shows what I want to do before. But I think I lack some interesting  elements inside.

Reflection of 'Your interpretation"

Through practicing continous drawing, I learnt how to do speed darwings and  how to capture the look and motion. I like the 10mins work of mixed media beacuse it contains more techiniques and looks more like a finish piece.

However, I think I am not very good at collage as I found it's very different to show the texture or layout. On the other hand, it also means that there is more potential on the collage piece. As long as I have enough or appropriate materials I can develop it further and make it more relate to the model.

Those fashion illustrations makes me think about the techniques of drawing again. For example, Connie  Lim did a really detailed drawing as commison work for magazines. That is another possibly and it is also related to fine art, and it  really  interested me.

I think it is always important to jet feedbacks from other people as when we get to work, sometimes  me need popularity and it  is impossible to achieve if  there is no feedbacks taking in. Also, for me  as a student ,listen to other people is another way of listening.

The 3D setup allows us to produce in big scale as well as using different material such as strings, foil paper and human body which extended our imagination.

 For part2 of today, I think it's always good to switching from different process and explore more in different areas. By creating 3D work I need to use consider the design in different angels and think about materials I could use. It's good to step out of the comfort zone.

Reflection of "your procession"

In today's workshop we began with some basic drawing pratice of our precious items. Then develop it to a 3D form related to Alice Anderson's idea of wrapping things. After that we transferred the 3D work into drawings using different techiniques. Finally, we need to transfer this 2D work into 3D and think about how to put it onto clothes.

I really enjoy the way of generating ideas and patterns, sometimes beautiful patterns come from every concern of the world and thinking about how to put the pattern onto the clothes or human bodies. The scale of pattern, choice of colour and position and also how to join fine art into fashion.

Podcast reflection


  • I do have some similar feelings with the students. As I’m an overseas student I have a lot of things to do in the first week, such as police registration and opening bank account, and I didn’t know that I need to book an appointment, so I wasted some time.
  • The first week was hard for me, I thought we would have a fresher week at the beginning of the course, but the first week was really intensive, and it really worries me as I missed lots of lessons of first week and we have homework to do everyday.


Contextual practice on Wednesday analysing a space

The place is kew garden,the structure is in the glass room inside this gardencombination of sculpture and plantsvery fresh colour of green and white is used by the artist gives the audience a feeling of summer. Inside the space was very warm,as there is a lot of people so during summer you can smell sweat and also the smell of natural plants. The white lotus also contracts with  black water and the reflection of the glass ceiling. It is a quite noisy placethere are thousands of visitors come to this room everyday and I can hear their comments and praise.

I think it is a good visual experience but I would never want to stay there for long because it is too warm insideand make me feel hard to


Visiting Kew in very cold weather:


Ice crystals forming around the pond in rippled shards which are beginning to appear similar to the glass sculptures which rise out of the water. Each lily pad has a ghostly haze of frost covering each leaf creating an opaque vitreous surface to the entire pond,perfectly matching the white sculptures. There arent many visitors,and of those who have attended scarfs and large jackets ensure they are warm in this freezing glass house. There are remnants of decaying plant life which hang from the greenhouses metal structure which give suggestions of  the nature which had once flourished in the summer. With air so cold,it is difficult to smell and you cannot touch any surfaces as they are covered in a texture composed of tiny sharp icicles: you wouldnt want to take off your gloves anyway…


Contextual Pratice of Idea Factory

After this week's  workshop, I did some reserach about feminism, the idea of flappers really intersted me, so I decied to take it further.

Accroding to Wikipedia "Flappers were a generation of young Western women in the 1920s who wore skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior. Flappers were seen as brash for wearing excessive makeup, drinking, smoking cigarettes, driving automobiles, treating sex in a casual manner, and otherwise flouting social and sexual norms.[1] Flappers are icons of the Roaring Twenties, the social, political turbulence and increased transatlantic cultural exchange that followed the end of World War I, as well as the export of American jazz culture to Europe.

In my opinion their dress is very symbolistic which represent the time women begain to challenge man's power. As I didn't attend the other lesson so I was a bit confused about how to take the idea into three-dimensons and reflect on it, so I decided to a more refined graphic piece.

Contextual Practice on Wendesday of a fashion designer

One of my most admirable fashion designer is Chinese designer – Guo Pei who is also China’s first haute couture designer. I like her works because she transformed traditional customs to haute couture and she found her inspirations from daily life, old paintings Chinese traditional customs and structures. That makes every detail in her work is so charming and delicate. In my opinion, her work is like a classic style painting, contains tons of details and history. Further, she uses Chinese royal embroidery in her works which was lost in centuries ago when Chinese royal family was dismissed, and she managed to bring it back and use it in high fashions.

Therefore, her works display the huge time and labor force she put into them. However, that also made that only the wealthiest people can afford them.

For example, the picture below is her work in 2019, I really like the pattern in her design. She described this collection as “an alternate universe,” which may or may not have represented the afterlife. Writer Amy Verner said: “A sandy runway was decorated with an arch of entwined black branches populated by black crows suggesting a macabre portal into her imagination.” Which I think fully described my feeling, remains me of my childhood, when I used to imagine where do we go after death. Also, there will be some negative feedback of her works, such as the yellow cape gown she made for Rihanna has been said like omelet or pizza. For me all these voice shows that her works have left impression on people and that is a good thing.

Also, in the image below of Guo's work, the makeup and hairstyle all linked to her work and it really interested me to do some research of the work of designing the whole look of models given by the clothes they need to wear.


From this week’s workshops I began to think weather I enjoy try different materials and put it in different part of the body.Before that, I know I enjoy photography and designing overall looks (including hairstyle and makeup) and making patterns of the clothes.